Floral Nectar for Honeys was born in De Peerdegaerdt. The sweet alliance of Maartje, Lisette and Hèlen created a golden concoction made from the apples, pears and herbs that grow there, in the peaceful embrace of nature. But at the heart of it all is The Happiest Healthy Farm.
The Happiest Healthy Farm celebrates the web of entanglements and connections that exist in the world. Through words and practice, it raises awareness of the needs of other beings, and values the importance of reciprocity in our relationships. Practicing care and appreciation for the living beings that surround us at the center is fundamental for a different humanity and organization of priorities.
We think of The Happiest Healthy Farm as a guiding pledge. As we seize inspiration and creativity in Floral Nectar for Honeys and other products to come, the practice of care and peaceful coexistence are placed at the core.
Being part of nature, we work with it and feel it within us.