The Happiest Healthy Farm is a celebration of life that brings to light the wonders of our inherent connectedness to nature. Thrilled by imagination and exchange, it is a guide of compassion for our contributions towards a safe and peaceful environment we can co-exist in. One day, The Happiest Healthy Farm will house multiple plant-based, natural products; Floral Nectar for Honeys being the first of many.


The Happiest Healthy Farm lives within De Peerdegaerdt. With open arms, it welcomes recovering animals from an unfortunate past. Among lush orchards and under the care of a compassioned team, they can live the safe and free life they deserve. De Peerdegaerdt is located south of Rotterdam, in The Netherlands and is open for visitors a few times a year for seasonal celebrations.


At the heart of The Happiest Healthy Farm is a pledge of kindness and alliance with nature. We are one, and it believes it true to live in harmonious coexistence; in celebration of union.


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