Floral Nectar comes in five different concoctions. Each enriched with distinct medicinal plants, four align with the seasons, and one captures all. The nectar is organic but not labeled as such and locally sourced where possible. It is a high-end, hand-made product that gently helps restore people’s immune systems and enrich their taste buds. Enjoy in a warm tea or simply right off the spoon.



A blushing blend of berries and spices make an ode to the delightful season of autumn. Dripped over tasty pleasures, it will make the heart pound with joy and levitate the soul into watercoloured clouds.


Enriched with: purple coneflower, rose petal, rosehip, Angelica, elderberry and mugwort.



This mellow brew of medicinal plants wraps you in warmth during the colder season. This concoction protects your immune system and uplifts the spirit by capturing the sweetness of crisp, earthy mornings in the forest.


Enriched with: St. John’s Wort, Calendula, pine, rosemary, Angelica and chamomile.



Infused with floral and herbal tones, this nectar invites us to celebrate the lushness of spring. Its sweetness is elegant and light; a feast that makes the taste buds dance and sing like gliding swallows over heather fields.


Enriched with: Lindenflower, elderflower, Angelica, nettle and dandelion leaf.




In this bottle lives liquid sunshine. Refreshed with notes of citrus and mint and tempered woody spices, this summer nectar is a sensational companion for the warmest months of the year.


Enriched with: sage, lavender, rosemary, Angelica, jasmine, lemon balm and mint.


Four Seasons


Spices and florals honour the flavours of nature in a tingling harmony. Quilting the seasons together, we commemorate spring, summer, autumn and winter in a herbal, golden concoction.


Enriched with: Angelica, elderflower, purple coneflower, Calendula, marshmallow root and chamomile.


Gift Box


Celebrate life and the gifts of Mother Earth by enjoying a bottle of matching Floral Nectar every season. In this beautiful gift set, you will be seduced and enticed by all the delights of Floral Nectar for Honeys.


Enriched with: winter, spring, summer, autumn and four seasons.

Floral Nectar for Honeys is a deep golden honey-like brew made from apples, pears, beet sugar and seasonal herbs. In alliance with the seasons, the land, and its bustling pollinators, it is 100% plant-based, packaged in an apothecary-style glass bottle.


Plants have been breathing, feeding and healing us since the beginning of time. It is because of them and their nourishing and medicinal properties, that we are here. Keeping our oath to give back to the Earth, we have mindfully chosen the ingredients for this nectar. The highest quality medicinal plants we use also offer pollinators a feast for their journey across the fields, and a large part of the plants on land are reserved for its wild, roaming creatures.


We believe that only through the act of reciprocity the regeneration of our planet can truly happen; in a way that we and the beings we share this planet with are supported. How exactly is a bigger and more complex exploration, but we show up.


So, how do we give back? By letting the land rest, by nourishing the soil with plant-based goodness, offering sustenance for the winged creatures and a safe haven to second chance animals, and consuming organically and plant-based ourselves. We listen, observe and learn from nature. Besides… honey is the food of honey bees and is not ours to take. Therefore we hope to contribute with this delicious sweetness to the important story of bio-diversity, which sees all creatures as an important part of a brilliant, intelligent, and living planet. A planet that gives us so much. Let us honour and celebrate her while caring for her in a harmonious way.