Among Mother Nature’s many gifts is her herbal pharmacy. Plants and herbs grow wildly, with deep-rooted medicinal goodness to offer to the living beings around them, including ourselves. They have been generous to humans, animals and the soil for thousands of years by providing natural remedies that heal the mind and body profoundly.
While plants may belong into groups and families, plants are individual beings – much like we are with our own families. Their place of birth, the ecosystem that surrounds them and simply their own essence make them exquisitely unique – a special detail to remain aware and grateful of when consulting them for their medicinal goodness.
Although plants have been used as medicine since the dawn of human history and we acknowledge using them to assist in our health as our birthright, we feel the need to mention to use them carefully and under the supervision of an experienced herbalist when using for health and healing.
Floral Nectar for Honeys includes medicinal herbs like lavender, rosemary, angelica, elderflower and sage, broadening our nectar beyond a mellow creation and into a remedial mixture for moments of clarity and calm. In alliance with nature, we have created five versions of Floral Nectar; one honouring every season: Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter, and one that celebrates their union – All Seasons. Each recipe contains the ingredients and nutrients to nurture what the body needs in each season; from more energy to tenderness.

If you are interested in knowing more about nature’s pharmacy, we invite you to stay with us and join our community.
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