A honey-like concoction made with plants, supported by the seasons, produced by humans and in service of the winged creatures.

In service of the pollinators

Because it is time to give back and love, honour and protect those who rule this Earth and therefore us. Wanna help? We have partnered with The Pollinators. Check out their work and join us!

A honey-like concoction

Because honey is not ours to take. It is a golden nectar that belongs to the bees. So we have made golden honey-like concoctions from apples, pears, beet sugar and medicinal seasonal plants.

Enriched with medicinal plants

Because plants have been breathing, feeding and healing us since the beginning of time. It is because of them and their nourishing and medicinal properties, that we are here.

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When vegan chef Maartje Borst, herbalist Lisette Kreischer and business-savvy Hèlen Sturm came together, extraordinary things started to happen. As friends of the animal and plant kingdom and with a big heart for Mamma Earth, they set out to find the most luxurious, luscious and sweet plant nectar that could support humans and more than humans.


They explored the land of the Happiest Healthy Farm, located in the heart of the Hoeksche Waard. A place where all creatures are free, where the trees gently whisper in the breeze of the sea and colourful and medicinal flowers provide a natural pharmacy for the two- and four-legged, and the winged heroes.


After listening to the animals, experiencing the powerful qualities of the green world and tasting the fruit from the old orchard, their quest was fulfilled. For it was here, on this land, that they found what they were looking for: a golden nectar based on apples, pears and medicinal plants, carried by the seasons and in service of pollinators.
The place where the magic happens, the apples and pears grow, the flowers bloom, the animals are happy and the winged hero’s protected.

Fabulous, bewitching and amazing!

The humans behind Floral Nectar for Honeys

Lisette Kreischer

Lisette is a creative activist for animals, plants and Mother Earth. She is a herbalist, writer, stylist and photographer, and co-founder of The Dutch Weed Burger. She is also the author of more than ten vegan (cook)books and has been passionately vegan since 2001.

Maartje Borst

Maartje is a vegan chef at heart and owner of the Amsterdam bakery café, Koffie ende Koeck. She is also the author of Taart ende Koeck and Elke dag feest. Botanical flavors enrich her creations and her compassionate vision of the world is reflected in her recipes.

Hèlen Sturm

Hèlen is a corporate finance specialist for start-up and scale-up companies. She is co-founder of estate De Peerdegaerdt and runs a social farm. Hèlen has been taking care of  ‘second-chance’ animals for almost her whole life. In 2007 she turned to a vegan lifestyle.


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