When Maartje, Lisette and Hèlen came together, extraordinary things happened. With a loving heart for Mother Earth’s creations, they started a meandering journey to find the most delightful plant-based nectar that radiates a nurturing message of support to humans and non-humans.
Together, they explored The Happiest Healthy Farm; a place blessed by harmonious alliance. The land where creatures are free and trees whisper songs of fellowship; where the colourful flowers bursting from the soil offer an abundant natural pharmacy for the legged and winged heroes.
After listening to the wild creatures and tasting the fruits and herbs of the orchard, their search was complete. It was there, on the land of The Happiest Healthy Farm, that the Floral Nectar was born; made from naturally grown apples, pears and medicinal plants, inspired by the seasons and in the service of pollinators and the Earth.